Legs Inn offers a complete selection of wine, frozen drinks, cocktails, coffee drinks and over 100 varieties of beer from around the world and from America's finest microbreweries. Listed here are our offerings of fine Polish vodka, beer, wine and spirits. Try a Legs Inn signature Luksusowa Bloody Mary or Wyborowa Martini.


Top off your Polish dining experience with "Piwo" (pee-vo) from Poland.

  • Zywiec (shiv-yetz) - Poland's best selling beer. Established in 1865, the brewery has always paid strict attention to keeping to the original recipe. Zywiec has a hoppy nose and a pleasant golden hue. It is full of flavor, but light in character. Considered one of the best beers in Poland with regard to taste and quality, its virtues are appreciated by consumers across the globe, ranking it as one of the best beers in the world.
  • Polish Brews
  • Okocim (oh-koh-cheem) - Our most popular Polish beer. In celebration of the new millenium, Okocim brewery brought back an old handcrafted favorite, Okocim O.K. The label remains mostly unchanged from its original design from forty years ago, which is testimony to the spirit of this brewery's vision. Okocim O.K. is a fine and delicate brew, deriving its quality from a recipe which incorporates the best of indigenous Polish hop varieties, luxurious barley and only the softest mountain water. It is quite soft, and impeccably balances the aromatics of hops and malt. The pure water of the Tatra mountain range is the most important ingredient in Okocim O.K., giving it a pure finish and making it universally enjoyable.


Continue an old Polish tradition and enhance your dining experience with these world
renowned products, produced in Poland using centuries old recipes.

Polish Vodka
Poland is the birthplace of vodka (1564). Have your favorite cocktail with one our famous Polish Vodkas.

Belvedere Vodka
One of the first deluxe vodkas of select rectified grain spirits launched in Poland. Crafted from rye since the 15th century, Belvedere is distilled four times, giving it what many consider the world's smoothest taste. This vodka is known not only for its outstanding qualities and strong Polish character, but also for its superb packaging innovations, such as the satin-finished bottle which includes a window through which the illustration on the back can be seen magnified by the vodka. The illustration depicts the Belvedere, the official residence of the Polish president in Warsaw.

Chopin Vodka
This premium white vodka has gained acknowledgement and is served as luxurious liquor in the best restaurants of America.Named after Poland's favorite son, Frederic Chopin, it is produced using centuries old methods and recipes from the Stobrawa potatoes grown in Siedlce region in east Poland. Chopin Vodka has a light apple-like taste and is gentle and smooth with full bouquet. Chopin is the best selling brand of vodka in the most quickly developing American sector of luxurious vodkas.

Luksusowa (Luxurious) Vodka
Poland's richly fertile soil yields some of the finest potatoes in the world. In the early 17th century, Poland turned to its bountiful potato crop to produce this smooth and rich vodka. By the 18th century the wealthier noble families of Poland regarded their potato vodka, Luksusova (meaning luxury), in the same manner that the French regard a great Burgundy. The end result is one of the highest quality vodkas available anywhere in the world. But perhaps the highest compliment of all comes from master Pablo Picasso. When asked what astonished him most over the past half century, he answered: "The three most astonishing things in the past half century were: the blues, cubism, and Polish vodka." Luksusowa is initially a little sweet but develops a dry, rather austere style. It is smooth but with just a pleasant touch of fire and has a nice long finish.

Stawski Prawdziwa Zytnia Koszerna Vodka (Truly Rye)
The world now knows that Stawski Prawdziwa Zytnia Koszerna Vodka was the "Best Spirit of 2001" as recognized by The Beverage Testing Institute. In a tasting of over 150 Vodkas, Stawski Prawdziwa Zytnia Koszerna Vodka was awarded a Gold Medal and named an 'Exceptional Best Buy'. Even Jerald O'Kennard, the BTI's Tasting Director, said that Stawski Prawdziwa Zytnia Koszerna Vodka was "One of the Best we've tasted in a long time. We were very impressed." Try it for yourself and you will surely agree.

Flavored Polish Vodka

Zubrowka Buffalo Grass Vodka
Although banned in the US in 1978, authorities couldn't ban the demand for this truly unique tasting vodka. Still "the one with the grass," Zubrowka has a smooth, hard-to-forget flavor toasted as one of the world's best tasting vodka. But most importantly, it is now legal in all 50 states. This unique Polish potato vodka is distilled three times and charcoal filtered. Unlike most vodkas that are bottled at 80 proof, master distillers have found that taking it up to 82 proof actually enhances its unique flavor. Legend has it "bison grass" found only in eastern Poland, is an aphrodisiac. Supposedly, it is what's keeping Europe's only remaining bison herds from going extinct. Whether that's true or not, one thing's for sure, as an ingredient its essence makes for one unique and great tasting vodka. As an undeniable reminder to its old world heritage and legend, a blade of this mystical grass is still placed inside every bottle.

Polish Honey Wines - After Dinner Delights
5.00 Glass
A triple mead with a subtle honey and root aroma.

5.00 Glass
Aged for one year, this mead has won 4 gold medals for taste.

Take Home a Special Gift of Fine Polish Meads in a Uniquely Handcrafted Bottle
38.00 Bottle

Kasztelanski Mead (Ceramic Bottle)
Delicate honey and root aroma, awarded with numerous gold medals for taste.

Jadwiga (Queen) Mead (Wicker Basket Bottle)
Incredible intensity, aroma, depth of flavor and sweetness.

Na Zdrowie! (To Your Health) / Cheers! / Sto Lat! (Live to 100 Years)
Legs Inn promotes responsible alcohol consumption. Be a smart drinker and safe driver.